Dr Genevieve Osborne BM FRCP
Consultant Dermatologist Bristol
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Please contact us for further information on consultation fees and prices.
We will provide a written fee schedule in advance of your appointment. Following your consultation, if any tests are needed then these will carry an additional charge.

For skin surgery or other procedures, the total amount charged will be a combination of Dr Osborne’s fees, the hospital or facility fee and if needed, the fees for the Pathologist who undertakes the laboratory analysis.

You will need to pay the dispensing pharmacy directly for medications that are prescribed for you on a private prescription.

Medical Insurance
If you plan to use your medical insurance, you will need to check with your insurer how much of the costs will be covered by them and obtain pre-authorisation before your appointment. Without pre-authorisation, you may need to pay for any fees yourself. You will need to cover any shortfall of costs, not provided by your insurer. Most insurers do not cover the cost of medications.


You can schedule an appointment to see Dr Osborne at the Nuffield Bristol Hospital, Clifton (on Monday afternoons, Wednesdays, Fridays ) or 58 Queen Square, Bristol (Wednesdays)’

Covid arrangement: Telephone or video consultations are also available.

0117 9064889 (Nuffield Hospital)

0117 910 2400 (Queen Square)



Nuffield Health Bristol Hospital (The Chesterfield)

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To book directly call 0117 906 4889
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58 Queen Square

Bristol BS1 4LF
To book directly call 0117 910 2400
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